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School Curriculum for Photography / Super Candid Photographer

SunsetIndependent Study, Homeschool or Classroom Based Study of Digital Photography

SCPHOTO has been serving schools (both homeschool and public) for over 15 years providing an Online curriculum and resource in basic photography that meets most state standards for content. The site has been used by close to 100 students from as many as 10 different countries per day since its beginning in 1998.  Students can be working on independent study with our credentialed teacher or with their own school and teacher. Students are of all ages from 14 to 80 using all different types of equipment from a point and shoot to a sophisticated DSLR.  Instructor, Keith Wills, has been teaching photography for over 30 years working with both film and digital technology. Keith has taught classes in SCCS Adult Education and at San Jose State Extension and has over 30+ years experience.

Often a school will add a photography class to its curriculum with little support for the teacher in how that class might be taught. Textbooks can cost as much as $50 to $160 per student and they offer no interactivity. Searching the web doesn't  help create a curriculum plan that has been proven to work either. This web site is a labor of "love" by a retired teacher to help individuals and schools  facing that problem find a proven curriculum for their study at a reasonable cost. This program will take you from the basics into a working knowledege of photography following established curriculum standards and practices. We have an advanced class for students with better equipment and software that are looking for a firm foundation upon which they can grow into a career or hobby. Check our

Online Study section for more details on course offerings.

NEW for 2016 - Keith Wills Photography / SCPHOTO is expanding his professional services to include sports, event and wedding candids that capture the heart and soul of your special day without taking control and posing you.  

For more information OR to access the full curriculum for schools, independent study or homeschools GO TO:
ONLINE CLASROOM and login as Visitor using a password of visitor to view samples  This is the location of the classroom portion of this web site. 


SCPHOTO Home SiteLesson SamplesCourse OfferingsPro ServicesFavorite LinksAbout SCPHOTOEvents