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The SCPHOTO website began in 1987 when Keith Wills was teaching at Santa Cruz High School and requested a new Photo Textbook. The school said it would be at least 7 more years before they could put that into the budget. At the same time the school had been selected by Apple to receive a lab of Mac computers and Keith's yearbook class was going to begin producing the yearbook on them. Keith decided it was time to learn how to use the computer in the classroom so he developed his own Photography Website and eventually purchased the SCPHOTO domain name in 1997. The lessons were used by SCHS students in the classroom first using Hypercard and then on the web with pages developed using Adobe GoLive. Students loved it. In 1998 the class presented a photo per week on the web for open critique and students came alive with the excitement of having their work reviewed by strangers all over the world.  The original website was for film based study as we did not have much in the way of digital equipment yet.

  • Click on the links on the left and you will get a few samples of the content found in the ONLINE CLASS.

  • ONLINE CLASSROOM - click here to transfer to the fully operational online classrom where independent study students, schools and adults will find the full Basic Photography Curriculum presented using Moodle Content Management similar to what is used on many college campuses today.

  • VIEW ARCHIVE OF SCHS SITE ->  This is the "original site" used by my students at SCHS and it has not been edited or updated for 8 years but it is there for your use in the classroom.  (Note: There is a web site that archives old web sites and you can view some of the different versions of the SCPHOTO site over the years at wayback machine where they keep archives of old web sites.

SCPHOTO Home SiteLesson SamplesCourse OfferingsPro ServicesFavorite LinksAbout SCPHOTOEvents