Updated and redesigned courses for the 2016-2017 school year are open to students and adults age 12 on up to study individually or in a group / school. Enrollment runs from August 1, 2016 until June 12, 2017

Basic Digital Photography

Foundational study in photography for the digital age . . .Public / Private School - Home school - Adult Independent Study 


This course is designed for high school, home school or adult education students of any age and covers the basics of digital photography. This course will challenge you to find and capture images using current practices and equipment working on "hands on" assignments. No experience is required. All you need is a digital camera and software that will let you make basic editing adjustments to exposure and composition. Assignments are "paced" to complete in an average school setting in a semester, however, schools that run for a full year may also modify the due dates to fit their schedule. Adults may work at any pace they wish. Most adults complete the work in 6 to 8 weeks. 

Independent study students will receive personal attention from instructor Keith Wills who has taught photography for over 28 years to over 7000 students. 

$80 individual - one school year subscription 
School group discount as low as $20 per student when your teacher grades assignments.

IntermediateIntermediate Photography 2016

This class is for students wanting greater depth of study in the practice and technology of photography including work with exposure, composition, lighting and Photoshop/ Lightroom editing. Students must have a DSLR camera or a point-and-shoot with manual controls to fully participate in assignments. Basic Photography is recommended as a prerequisite but not a requirement. 

Students may enroll in this course at any time. Open to students of any age. Fits School Requirements and Standards for credits at most schools.

$80 for single copy with our teacher -- $20 per student for school use with your teacher and full access to content, uploading, forums, tests,etc. 

Basic Photography eTextbook

Complete Curriculum or Classroom Resource
logoThis eTextbook contains the content from both the Basic and Intermediate courses offered here at SCPHOTO. The eText is intended for use in a classroom setting where students will use the material as either a resource or a curriculum map for their study under the direction of their teacher. Lessons, assignments and suggested class discussions and tests are all available but without the same interactivity of the other two online courses. The difference is in how students submit work for assessment. In this class the option to upload images and to generate a course grade has been removed so that that function can take place in the classroom with the teacher. 

The content of this class follows the general principles of photography taught by instructor Keith Wills for 28 years at Santa Cruz High School. 

NOTE: This eTextbook is NOT intended for use by students enrolled in either the Basic or Intermediate courses on this site. The content in the eText is identical to the content in these courses without the interactivity.  Note also that this is a digital or online resource and not an actual "textbook". eText saves paper and is updated frequently which a real textbook can not. 

$25 for single copy and $10 to 15 per student copy for school year license for a group of 4 or more. All content is available for one school year only. Email keith@scphoto.com if you wish to do a longer term to set a price for that.