4 Pricing and Accreditation

Schools Needing a Photo Teacher

What if your school has an interest in offering photography but you don't have a qualified photography teacher. How can SCPHOTO help you?

Schools wanting to meet the high interest and demand for Digital Photography in this age of Cell Phones can find help in several options at SCPHOTO. 

Option One is for you to let students take the class completely independently with Keith Wills as their teacher. At the end of the class students submit a grade report to you and your school assigns credits. This option is $75 per student. 

Option Two is for a school that has a group of students (at least 5) that want to take photography but the budget or staffing does not allow for a teacher to do manage the class. Your school can provide a place for them to meet and perhaps help with computer and equipment access. In this option your school may assign a staff member to be an adviser who checks on student progress and encourages students who lag behind. If you are providing a classroom this option will want to have some supervision for the use of the space and time but does not require someone with photo teaching experience. In this option Keith Wills is still the teacher and will do the assessment and teaching of the class. This option provides a group discount price of $50 per student. 

Option Three is the option that has your school providing a teacher that has photography experience but perhaps does not have a credential to teach that subject. This option allows for a school to manage the class on their own with their own teacher doing the student assessment. Your teacher may contact Keith as the site administrator and ask for suggestions or critique of their assessments of students at any time. In this option your teacher may drop or add assignments and they manage the flow of the class over the year. This option can be for any size of school with 1 to a hundred or more students. This option is the most often selected and comes at a $20 per student price for the curriculum and software that manages the student submission and communication for you.

Group or School Pricing

We understand the difficulty in funding a photography class resource like this on top of the cost for equipment and software. If your school is providing the teacher and not needing our help in grading students this can cut to the cost of the class for you. SCPHOTO has always desired to provide schools with as low a price resource as possible to help. After 28 years in the classroom Keith Wills understands the challenges of low budgets. This is why we don't INVOICE you until the 5th week of school so you only pay for the number of students still remaining in your class. We have been there and know enrollment changes at the start of a year. 

To help schools that are going to enroll a consistent class of 20 or more students per semester or year we have worked out a group pricing plan. Each of these allows you to register and drop students yourself on the Moodle software that hosts the course. If you are a two semester per year school this means 40 accounts are being created in a year which reduces the price in half. If you make a multi-year contract you can reduce that price even more. 


BASIC or INTERMEDIATE COURSE: Single student up to 20 students with SCPHOTO as the instructor doing student assessment = $75 For groups over 20 that only enroll once in a year the price is reduced to $50 per student. 
eTEXTBOOK: The single student price or single teacher price is $20 for a full school year. If your school works for a semester then you will need to consider the site license below. For groups of 5 or more students the price is reduced to $10 per student per enrollment. 

Basic Digital Photography Site License

20-25 Seat Small School license Basic Digital Photography - you will have your own group set up for no more than 20 students at a time plus one additional account for your teacher who will have access to the student assignments to grade and review. SCPHOTO will not grade student work. The cost for this is $450 per year. This license is for the full course Basic Digital Photography with students given the ability to turn in assignments online and participate in group discussions or Forums that your teacher monitors and grades. If you are doing class for a full year and only enrolling 20 students you will be better off not using this option and enrolling the students at the $20 per student price. The advantage to this enrollment option is that you can have as many sessions or quarters or semesters as you wish in the school year and will save money. If you have two semesters of 20 in a year that would normally be 40 students at $20 which is $800 which makes this Site License a better deal for you. 

30 Seat Small School Basic Digital Photography license does all of this for up to 30 students at a time. This license will cost $675 per year and offers the same full access for students and teachers to communicate online.

Digital Textbook

20 -25 Seat Small School License for the non-interactive Digital Textbook which offers the complete curriculum of the Basic Digital Photography class but without the ability for students and teacher to exchange assignments and communications online. This class comes at a reduced price of $300 per year. If your school signs up for a two year contract for up to 20 students at a time the price becomes $250 per year. You may pay this on a yearly basis or up front for $500. Again, under this plan if you have 20 students per semester or 40 students in a year you will save $100 this way. A two year contract will save you $300. 

30 Seat Small School Digital Textbook License for a one year contract allowing up to 30 students at a time to be enrolled in the class is $400 for one full year of access or on a two year contract a price of $375 per year or $750 for two years. Like all of the other options this does not save you any money if you are going to only offer one class in a year but if you have two classes or one per semester this option will save you $200 per year.

Is SCPHOTO.COM a School?

Is SCPHOTO.COM a school? No it is not a public school nor is it a private school. In fact it isn't a large corporation or business. It is one person. Keith Wills is the person that created SCPHOTO.COM 20 years ago while teaching photography at Santa Cruz High. Faced with having no money to buy a textbook and over 150 students enrolled each semester Keith created the first version of the site on a Mac computer in his classroom. Later hosting it online at a commercial site it has grown. Today the SCPHOTO site is visited by over 100 visitors a day. Not as many as Google but a lot for a photography curriculum. 

The SCPHOTO site has a few tips and it contains links to the Archive of the material created for the Santa Cruz High class over 20 years ago. It is designed for black and white film and darkroom work on projects. A lot of that material is no longer useful. 

Now that Keith is retired after 28 years in the classroom teaching photography and journalism and even a little time at science and graphic arts he is putting his technology experience to practice in this online class. Keith also was the Santa Cruz City Schools technology coordinator at the district level where he also was a speaker at national conventions for teachers learning how to use computers in their curriculum. 

So, the answer is SCPHOTO.COM online courses are a distance learning resource where you can either use the curriculum and experience gained from teaching beginning photography to over 7000 students or you can tap into that experience in a one-on-one class where you follow assignments designed to challenge you to explore the process of photography and apply it to solving photographic challenges. Each assignment is graded by Keith and comments made to help you grow if needed. 

The site can also be used as a resource in a school class or home school curriculum using your own teachers to do student evaluations. Either way the CLASS.SCPHOTO.COM site offers a "green" tool that uses no paper and allows you to study photography at your own pace and in your own way.

So is this a standards based curriculum? Will it satisfy my school requirements? The answer is yes and it should. The curriculum was developed over 28 years as Keith observed students struggle with leaving behind the snapshot photographs they took on vacation and learning to create a photo that can be placed on the wall. Keith had to design the curriculum to meet both Applied Arts as well as Fine Arts standards for his school. The class also was accepted for California a-g elective credits when it was offered at Santa Cruz High in the 90's. Check the standards page to see what the basic standards are for this class if a student completes the program. 

Will your school accept it? You will have to ask them and we recommend you get their approval before you sign up. Show them this page along with the standards page linked above and perhaps also show them the course outline and that should answer their questions about the educational value and content. Some schools will still not be willing to accept certificates of completion from schools or providers unless they meet their special requirements for your district. They are welcome to call Keith at 831-479-1869 with any questions.