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Analog Photography - Film or Silver Based Photography

This will be a section on the process of making prints from negatives. Although this is a digital class the process of making a print in the darkroom is a good skill to have. We will review the basics of that process here. It will help understand some of the vocabulary used in Photoshop which was designed to copy the darkroom process. This material is option for our digital students. If you want to get an idea about how the process works then spend some time reviewing this material. Some of our school based programs still use the darkroom and they will find this material helpful.

This section for analog or film based work is covered in the original web site. Here are some key links to view: (These are now locked to protect the copyright use - email for the user name and password)

I must say that now that I am out of the darkroom an into my home studio there are things I don't miss about film work. One is the smell and the chemicals. Now that I am 66 I have bladder cancer and some say that may have come from 28 years in the darkroom as well as in the print shop running a printing press. Either way, I don't miss the smell and toxins.

But I do miss the results. I had a class with Ansel Adams and he talked about the richness and beauty of a silver based print and he was right. There is just no way to capture the same rich detail and tone value that you can see in a silver print. I miss the quality of this final product. Today I do mostly color printing of my work using an inkjet printer. I have a lot of mounted prints. Most of them are beginning to fade away as the ink is not archival. It doesn't last forever like a good, well processed, silver image will.

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