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Basic Photo
Intermediate Study
Intermediate Study

Intermediate Photography


AdvancedThis class is for students wanting greater depth of study in the technology of photography including work with exposure, composition, lighting and Photoshop Elements editing. Though this class is designed for students who have some photography experience and training and who own a DSLR or camera that has full manual controls in addition to different preset modes it can be taken by beginning students willing to dig deeper into the subject at a faster pace.

In this class we will begin with some review of the basics to make sure every student is on the same level of understanding. If you took our Basic Photo class you will find the first few lessons similar with similar assignments as we assess the skill level of each student. Projects and lessons rapidly advance to deeper understanding of the skills of the professional photographer. We will add a few more important photo editing skills to our tool belt along with assignments that will ask you to solve so me more advanced technical challenges. More work in exposure control and lighting as well as some additional work with composition will pull your skills up a notch.

Additional study in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements are NEW for this school year. Students who do not have this software may want to download a trial copy or they can view the lessons but wait to submit assignments until a time in which they have the software.

Newer technology now allows for assignments submitted to a FORUM where the rest of the students in your school, as well as those from other schools, will discuss them. Now you will be able to see what other students did to answer the challenge presented in the assignment.

Like the Basic Photo class, this program meets state standards for hours and content in most schools. This class can be used for Independent Study with SCPHOTO at a low price of $80 per student or at $20 per student when a school uses the curriculum and does student assessment. A Certificate of Completion can be requested at the end of the course if students complete 90% of the assignments and read all of the lessons.

This class will not work for you if all you have is a point-and-shoot camera which does not have manual controls. We recommend a Bridge Camera or DSLR for this class as well as Photoshop Elements or Lightroom 2 or above for this class.

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