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How do you enroll in a course for SCPHOTO?

The courses offered by scphoto are served on a software platform called Moodle. Before you can view and take part in the courses on Moodle you will need to create an account on the site. The Moodle  software will auto send you a confirmation email which you MUST confirm to activate your account. This prevents robots from entering. 

Once you have an account you enroll in a course by selecting it and paying the required Fee on PAYPAL. Schools may enroll students using a special KEY word or number that will allow their students to enroll without paying first. We will invoice the school after the first week of school. The average price for a course is $80 for a single enrollment and $25 per student for a student in a group / school enrollment. 

BEGIN NOW - Create an account . . 

Fill in the form that this link takes you to. Complete ALL of the blanks. When you hit submit it will send your data to the server in the cloud that hosts this site. Before it will accept your application it will auto send you an email for you to confirm. We are all used to this as it is the way we keep robots from spamming us. 

After you confirm return to and login to the account you just made. 

On your new course home page you will see a place to view the list of courses in a link in the left column. Select the course you want and then either enter your schools enrollment key (obtained by your school) OR use PayPal to pay the course enrollment fee. Once you submit that you will be enrolled in the course. 

WHAT NEXT? Don't expect something special at this point. You will not connect to the course and there you will find a number of different chapters or sections that takes you step by step through the curriculum. Start at the top. Don't skip anything. It is OK to view ahead but don't attempt an assignment or do content without doing it in order. DON'T SKIP ANYTHING, even if you think you are are an expert on that topic. Read it all. As you work down the curriculum you will come to assignments that test your understanding. Technically this is where your grade comes from but DO NOT focus on grades in this class as I can tell you students who do are not successful at the end. FOCUS on learning and applying that to the challenges given you in class. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS carefully in each assignment. AND HAVE FUN!!! :-)

SCPHOTO Home SiteLesson SamplesCourse OfferingsPro ServicesFavorite LinksAbout SCPHOTOEvents